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Thank You for choosing LINK+BONDED for your Semi-Permanent Jewelry experience



The life of your jewelry depends on you & your lifestyle, activity level, job, and other external factors, which is why we call it semi-permanent.  One of the most important things to remember, like most jewelry, is to keep your jewelry out of high levels of chlorine and chemicals as these may deteriorate the structure of the metal on the jewelry, gold or silver. Some lotions and perfumes may have the same affect so be mindful of what you are using with your jewelry.


We know that things happen, so if your jewelry becomes undone within the first 60 days of your weld, L+B offers a one-time free weld.  Chains will also stretch over time, if this happens, we will adjust the chain for no additional cost as long as it was purchased from L+B. 


If you want or need to remove your jewelry, the removal process is simple. Use a pair of scissors and cut the jump ring (where the weld was done). Don't worry about saving your jump ring, but save your chain and reach out to us, we will reapply at no cost if received from L+B. 


Although our pieces are durable, they are not indestructible, so please use care and caution. Most chains are dainty and with that they can be fragile.


All Sales are Final and we DO NOT offer free replacements, refunds, or discounts for lost or snagged jewelry. 

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